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Yamada, N. & Neves, R. (2024). Fully abstract game semantics for algebraic effects with recursion. Available soon.

Yamada, N. (2024). Curry-Howard-Lambek isomorphisms for classical logic. Under review.

Yamada, N. (2024). A combinatorial foundation of topology. In preparation.

Yamada, N. (2024). Higher-order computational complexities and functional analysis. Available soon.

Yamada, N. (2024). Proofs and types without commuting conversions. Under revision.


Yamada, N. (2023). Logic and computation as combinatorics. Under revision.

Yamada, N. (2022). Game semantics of universes. Under review.

Yamada, N. (2021). Internal infinity-groupoids and game semantics of homotopy type theory (based on my HoTTEST talk (slides; video) in February, 2021). Under revision.

Yamada, N. (2020). Sequent calculi for a unity of logic. Under revision.

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